Monday, February 29, 2016

Free Grace

Welcome aboard the ship, FREE GRACe. Having put your faith in the lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ, and cast your baggage of sin upon him, you have the joy of being in this ship, and enjoy the eternal comforts herein. Your baggage of sin has to be cast overboard and be tethered upon the Cross in Calvary.
this ship was planned in the everlasting councils of the Triune Jehovah. Its timbers are incorruptible and unbreakable. Built in the slipway of Everlasting Love it was launched in the Red River of the Redeemer’s Blood at Calvary. At its stern is the “the wheel of God’s sovereignty by which the great ship is turned whithersoever the Governor listeth and on the prows the sinner’s sheet anchor, ‘Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out.’
the chart house is the Word, and the compass is the Spirit, and there are well replenished store rooms, and spacious saloons, and never-to-be-forgotten chambers wherein He has given His beloved precious things in sleep, and outlooks whence they have seen His wonders in the deep.
though the stress of storm and through dreary doldrums, through leagues of entangling weeds, and past many a chilling and perilous iceberg, with varying speed and zig-zag course, and changing clime, MV. FREE GRACE has brought us hitherto. We may even stand off and on a while, near the harbour mouth, but please God, we shall have abundant entrance at the last.
this ship is sure to bring us to our destination, the Celestial City. There is neither need to fear or fret or be anxious about the journey, nor doubt the capacity of our Captain Lord Jesus. Having begun a good work in us, He is sure to complete it. The safe harbour of this blessed city is sure to receive us, for He has the receipts of the full payments of cess that is demanded of every sailor. His resurrection from the dead is a confirmation of this transaction, that secured a place for us, and so our hope is well anchored is safety.
We have circled the ship, and I call on every passenger to bless her in the name of the Lord, and to shout the praise of Him who owns and navigates her. All honour and blessing be unto the God of Grace, and unto the Grace of God! Ten thousand, thousand thanks to the Lord Jesus, the Captain of our ship! And to the blessed Spirit equal praise!”

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