Monday, November 23, 2015

A Letter to a Faithful Pastor

15th November 2015

Dear Pastor Thomas,

I write on behalf of Trinity Baptist Church Nairobi, to express heartfelt gratitude for your commitment and faithfulness in ministry of the gospel of Christ for half a century. Your labour of love as a pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church has been an evidence of God’s grace. Undoubtedly the Lord has walked with you brother. He has greatly and divinely enabled you to be His servant, His tool and a vessel of honour. This has not gone unnoticed even from the ‘overseas’. We thank God for you for you have been a gift to the church of Christ not just in the town of Aberystwyth, but also in the UK, in the US, in Russia, in Asia and in Africa. Many missionaries have been commissioned from APBC.

We would like you to know that you have been used of the Lord in being a channel of innumerable blessings for the people of God in this Kenya.  Primarily, this has been through the ministry of Keith Underhill, whom you commissioned forty years ago and have supported through thick and thin. Keith will himself say that were it not for your unqualified support, a few years back, he would not have been able to continue here in the midst of those fiery darts of the evil one. Moreover, you have also faithfully been visiting Kenya almost annually and teaching faithfully at our small seminary.

May the Lord, the God of hope, who called, graced and equipped you, be your hope, your joy, your all. That you may be assured of His obvious work in your life, upholding you for these many years and giving a crown and a glory in the people to whom you have ministered these years. Besides, He has made a wonderful promise of a crown for His faithful servants, He alone knows what He has in store for you.

May your sunset years with you wife Iola, be of more blessings to you and your hearers. We pray that the Lord will soon provide another man for APBC.

Grace to you & yours.

Murungi Igweta

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