Friday, October 16, 2015

Do not steal!

Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need. (Eph. 4:28)

Work Hard

Stealing is obtaining/ acquiring something that you have not worked for or given. Stealing is obtaining something by unjust means from others either with or without their knowledge and making use of the property as if it is yours. Failure to share with others is equal to stealing because you behave as if you live in this world by yourself.

1. Do not steal
1.1. Do not steal from God
a) His glory
b) His honour
c) His people's lives
d) His resources
e) His time

1.2. Do not steal from man
a) Do not steal other people’s property
b) Do not steal other people’s dignity/freedom
c) Do not steal other people’s time
d) Do not steal taxes from the government
f) Do not steal other people’s affection
g) Do not steal other people's wife's or daughters/husbands or sons

2. Labour honestly
a) Work in by using your own strength
b) Work hard by using your own intellect
c) Work hard by using your own time
d) Work hard by your own integrity (name)

3. Work hard for your sake and others
a) Enjoy what you have earned
b) Share what you have earned
c) Be on the lookout for the needs of people

Working hard is a life of a disciplined obedience to God in order to bring Him glory and do good to His people. It is deliberately geared towards doing all, in word and in deed for the glory of God. In obeying the 8th commandment, the fourth commandment is well obeyed. Both encourage labour, and honour to the Lord and His people.

If you are going to embrace a Christian work ethic, then you would not discriminate work, you would do whatever, your hands finds to do, with honesty and integrity of heart. You would give yourself fully to what you do as one employed by God – for indeed we all are. He is our Master and so we are to always remember that He is watching what we are doing with our time, our energies and our resources. We will all give an account of what we did with what God gave us on the Last Day. Therefore, employ an eternal perspective in the way you spend the money in your pocket, with the strength in your body as well as the next second. Remember also that your life is but a breath. Death and eternity is only a breath away.

Examine your attitudes towards labour, let not the tiredness or the meagre pay discourage, rather let the glory of God motivate. Remember that the Lord sent you where you are, like Joseph was sent by the Lord, to be of help to the wicked Egyptians yet it was God’s way of preserving the elect seed and this way bring salvation for all through Christ.

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