Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Great is Thy Faithfulness (3)

1.     God Is Faithful In His Goodness (24-26)
The word “good” has the idea of “pleasant, agreeable and excellent.”  It refers to the character of God.  This word reminds us that God is ever engaged in that which is best in the lives of His children – working all things, for their good (Rom. 8:28). But how is He good to us?

v In Him we find true Satisfaction 
God is described as the “portion.”  This word means “share or booty.”  It refers to “the spoils of war.”  Jeremiah is saying, “In the battle of life, God is my reward, my share, and my portion.”  When the Lord is viewed in this light, He will be all that a person needs to be satisfied in their soul, Psa. 103:5; Psa. 107:9. God may not give you and me the things we desire in life; but He will always give us that which is best, and He will give us that which will satisfy the soul, Rom. 8:28. Shall you not find your full satisfaction and delight in Him? The Lord is my strength and my portion forever!
v In Him we find real Sustenance 
God will never fail those who place their trust in Him, Isa. 49:23; Rom. 10:11.  Not a single Word of any of His precious promises will ever fail to be honoured by Him, Matt. 5:18; Psa. 119:89-90; Isa. 40:8.  If you come to Him for salvation, He will not send you away lost, John 6:37 or empty handed.  If you trust Him for salvation, He will never send you away into Hell, John 10:28.  If you look to Him for the needs in your life, you will never be disappointed, Luke 12:32.  He will sustain you through this life and into eternity. For this reason we should learn patience from Him. A life of faith is a life of waiting on the Lord to do His will and accomplish His holy purposes. This is why we have the word ‘wait’ twice – v. 25, 26. We wait for Him ‘quietly’. The motivation of this waiting is hope in Him.  He is good to everyone who waits for Him – will you? He gives them hope for this life and of the one to come.
v In Him we have eternal Salvation 
In this context Jeremiah is saying, “Those who wait upon the Lord will see Him bring them out of their troubles and trials.  He will not fail His children, but, in His time, He will deliver them from all their valleys.”  We need to remember today that God is able to deliver both saint and sinner from trouble. Yet the greatest trouble that you are to be sure you have been saved, is from your sins, from eternal peril, from the misery and consequence of death, from the wrath to come. Thankfully in Christ there is eternal salvation for all who find refuge in Him by faith. If you are in Christ there is everlasting life.
§  My fellow saints, I would like to remind you that God knows where you are today.  He knows what you are going through, Job 23:10.  He will not forsake you, but He will faithfully keep you and bring you out and home, in His time.
§  My dear friend who has not known God’s saving grace, it may look like you are doomed, with no hope.  I would just like to tell you that God can save your soul by His amazing grace, if you will but look to Christ by faith.  If you will stop trusting yourself, your religion and your own goodness; and if you will come to God confessing your sins and calling on Jesus for salvation, God will save your soul, Rom. 10:9, 13; Rev. 22:17.

§  Great is the faith that can stand amid the wreckage of life and declare the praises of God.  Jeremiah was that kind of a believer.  Are you? I hope that you can say, like Jeremiah did, “Great is Thy faithfulness.” Do you need to experience that faithfulness today? It is find in Christ alone, by faith in Christ alone, for the Glory of God. Amen!

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