Friday, April 24, 2015

Hebrews1:1-3: Self-revealing God


Heavenly Father and God, you've always revealed yourself to people at different times and in different manners you spoke in the time past to the forefathers by the prophets.

But far better, you've now spoken to us perfectly and once by your one Son whom you've appointed heir of all things, by whom also you made the universe. What more could we've asked for, since Christ is indeed  the brightness of your infinite glory, and the express image of your person. Besides Christ is the epitome  of your righteousness upholding all your law by his perfect obedience when He walked and lived on earth in His days.

Yes, Father Christ is the most worthy of all worship from all creation for He made it all by the Word of His power. We would be unwise to fail in giving due service and worship.

Praise the Lord for when He had by himself purged all our sins, through His precarious death on the cross, He sat down on the right hand of your  Majesty on high.

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