Thursday, January 15, 2015

There is God - responding to an atheist.

In response to this article on The Star:

Logic and reason protect us from miracle healers

Thank you much Mr. Karuga for taking time to write this article. I couldn't agree with you more about the need for reason and logic with regard to miracles. The Bible is very explicit that miracles accomplished their place in authenticating the message of the Old Testament Scriptures. On the other hand signs, miracles and wonders were used by Jesus Himself to show that His identity and work of is that of Christ. Right now miracles are used by those who want to exploit their hearers by deception and cunning. The devil also performs miracles to draw people away from the truth and from their own reason. Miracles appeal to sensuality - the eyes, and the felt needs. Instead of depending on what you can see, depend on what is absolutely true and trustworthy - this is what God, the author of both creation and providence (the preserving and governing all things according to His eternal purpose) has revealed in the Bible. The Bible is God's self-authenticating truth.

However, I want to beseech you NOT to act against your own conscience, logic and reason in being an atheist. If you think there is no God, then you should also think that you don't exist, for God created you. Do you believe that someone made the phone that you use? Of course you do. Do you know this person? May be not. Does the fact that you do not know  the technician who made your cellphone make the person non-existent? Of course not. 

You are hindered from believing in the existence of God by your own eyes and logic! Your logic has failed you at the very point where you need it! If you met with God today, all unbelief will stop and atheism will be discarded. God has met with many. Remember that there are so many things that you haven't seen or experienced personally but still hold that they are there. I'm sure you believe that you have an appendix - you have never seen it, but you accept, acknowledge and believe that it is right there by your intestines! 

What evidence do I have that there is God? 
1) You and I and all we see and do not see! We were made, created by God. Let no one purporting to be a scientist contradict this, for scientists have no evidence to the contrary. Science cannot explain everything... first of all we all understand science as the study of material universe. This means that to appeal to science to  make any statement about non-material entity like God, is the same as expecting milk to stream out of a rock. As a very complex being, with such processes that has taken centuries to explain, you just need to know that you are not a product of some bang, or some genetic mutation - these tends to always be destructive in nature. If you want to prove it you go with a grenade at a metal junkyard, release the pin and see, if the metal pieces will join together to produce a lovely car that you can drive away...the bang will leave chaos. On the other hand mutation, ask any self-respecting scientist, he will admit that, they are never progressive. Genetic mutation is always retrogressive.

2) God does not play dice with the universe. (I'm quoting a renown scientist, Albert Einstein). God does not depend on His creation in any way. This is why some wish away Him as atheists do. But He is there making sure that everything works according to His definite plan. He has sent the world His truth, His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, but the world has again and again said that they are interested. He has also sent judgment again and again. But what is the most important is that He has patiently, graciously offered the Way by which you may be reconciled with Him - you believe in Jesus Christ. Historical, undeniable Jesus Christ - there are those who saw Him, when He was upon this earth. There are millions of people, your own contemporaries, including, yours truly, who have experienced His saving mercy and grace and are convinced by evidence of truth and experience that there is God, who we should worship and serve. 

3) Because of your soul. You have an eternal soul, that could be lost or gained. God places the value of your soul as greater than all the wealth of the whole world combined (God knows because He created it). You have a conscience, that bears witness that you are denying the undeniable. You are suppressing and rejecting the truth. The truth of God is that what can be known about God is plain to you, because God has shown it you. For His invisible attributes, namely His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that He has made. So you are without excuse. You know God, but you refuse to honor Him as God or give thanks to Him... please stop exchanging the glory of of the immortal God with logic and reason. Logic and reason find their fulfilment in acknowledging the Creator, receiving His way of salvation and having the most blessed fellowship with Him. Will you?

We could engage further if you so wish.


  1. I don't know if you've realised, but all your "evidences for god" are logical fallacies and not actually proof of anything. Would you like me to point out the errors in your faulty reasoning?

  2. My aim in this article was not to give 'evidences for god' - God has done that. My specific interest was the invaluable soul of Mr. Karuga and many others who act against reason and logic by suppressing the truth. If you are interested in engaging on the subject, with an objective spirit, you are most welcome to respond.

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