Thursday, December 11, 2014


Faith was:

  • The teacher who taught Abel to offer acceptable and pleasing sacrifice to God
  • The anchor upon which Noah held on to construct the Ark for 120years with a dose of taunting by his contemporaries
  • The means of Abraham's and our justification
  • The magnet that drew Moses away from the fleeting pleasures of Egypt, so that he joined with the afflicted people of God
  • The force that smashed the walls of Jericho, saving Rahab and her kin
  • The secret that enabled Ruth to make her moving confession of faith
  • The weapon that killed Goliath and destroyed Sennacherib's army
  • The veto factor that prevailed in Mt. Carmel's contest
  • The shield that protected Job in the storm of trials
  • The extinguisher that stopped the flames of fire for Shedrack, Meshack and Abed Nego
  • The muzzle that stopped the mouths of lion for Daniel
  • The medicine that cured the Namaan of Syria
  • The vision that was upon Mordecai and Esther, his niece

Faith is:
  • The soul's window through which God's love comes pouring in like a flood
  • The open hand whereby a sinner reaches out to God grace in salvation from sin
  • The sure link in Christ, between the most terrible sinner and the infinitely holy God
  • The trunk of salvation's tree, whose root is grace, and whose fruit is good works
  • Clasping and leaning on the everlasting arms of Christ
  • Committing one's ways to the Lord, knowing that He will whatever is best
  • Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ enough to give Him all your sins
  • Receiving the kingdom (or rule) of God as a little kid
  • Being sure of what we hope for, and being convinced of what we do not see.

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