Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My King by Chuck Missler

 He is the King of the Jews
   He is the King of Israel
But He's also
   King of all the Ages;
   King of Heaven;
   King of Glory;
   King of Kings;
      ..and Lord of Lords.

He is
   a prophet before Moses;
   a priest after Melchizedek;
   a champion like Joshua;
   an offering in place of Isaac;
   a king from the line of David;
   a counselor above Solomon;
   beloved, rejected, and exalted
      like Joseph;
and yet far more... 

The Heavens declare His glory...
   and the firmament shows
      His handiwork.
He who is, who was, and who always will be;
The first and the last
   He is the Alpha and Omega
      the Aleph and the Tau
         the A and the Z;
He is the ego eimi,
the Description:
      the "I AM that I AM" 

The voice of the burning bush
   the Captain of the Lord's Host
      the conqueror of Jericho
He is our Kinsman-Redeemer
   and He is our Avenger of Blood;
      and He is our City of Refuge; 

He was crucified on a cross of wood;
   Yet He made the hill
      on which it stood.
By Him were all things made
      that were made;
   without Him was not anything made
      that was made;
By Him are all things held together!
In Him dwells
   the fullness of the Godhead bodily;
      The very God of very God. 

He became
   the first fruits of them that slept.
He is our Performing High Priest;
   Our Personal Prophet;
      Our Reigning King.
He is enduringly strong;
      entirely sincere;
         eternally steadfast;
He is imperially powerful;
   immortally graceful;
      impartially merciful;
He stands alone in Himself:
   He's unique,

He's the Loftiest idea
      in Literature;
He's the highest Personality
   in Philosophy;
He's the Fundamental Doctrine
   of Theology;
He's the Supreme Problem
   in "higher criticism"!
He's the Son of God!

There is no means of measuring
   his limitless love:
It was written in blood,
   on that wooden cross
      erected in Judea
         2,000 years ago. 

He was born of a woman
   so that we could be born of God;
He humbled Himself
   so that we could be lifted up;
He became a servant
   so that we could be made joint-heirs;
He suffered rejection
   so that we could become His friends;
He denied Himself
   so that we could freely receive all things;
He gave Himself
   so that He could bless us in every way. 

   is Available to the tempted and the tried;
   Blesses the young;
   Cleanses the lepers;
   Defends the feeble;
   Delivers the captives;
   Discharges the debtors;
   Forgives the sinners;
   Franchises the meek;
   Guards the besieged;
   Heals the sick;
   Provides strength to the weak;
   Regards the aged;
   Rewards the diligent;
   Serves the unfortunate;
   Sympathizes and He saves! 

His Offices are many;
His Reign is righteous;
His Promises are certain;
His Goodness is limitless;
His Light is matchless;
His Love never changes;
His Grace is sufficient;
His Mercy is everlasting;
His Word is enough;
His Yoke is easy and
   His Burden is light! 

He's indescribable;
He's incomprehensible;
He's irresistable;
He's invinceable!
The Heaven of heavens
   cannot contain Him;
Man cannot explain Him
The Pharisees couldn't stand Him
   but soon learned
      that they couldn't stop Him;
They railroaded Him
   through 6 illegal trials,
      and yet
The witnesses couldn't agree against Him
   and the personal representative
      of the ruler of the world,
         couldn't find any fault with Him;
Herod couldn't kill Him
   death couldn't handle Him
      the grave couldn't hold Him!
He has always been and always will be;
   He had no predecessor and
      will have no successor;
You can't impeach Him and
   he isn't going to resign! 

His name is above every name;
   That at the name of Yeshua
Every knee shall bow
   Every tongue shall confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord!
His is the kingdom,
   and the power,
      and the glory...
         for ever, and ever.
Hallelujah! ...and Amen!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sola Scriptura!

Scriptures alone!
I want reaffirm the basic Christian truth of inerrant Scripture to be the sole source of written divine revelation, which alone can bind the conscience. The 66 books of the Bible are the only inspired and fully authoritative words that ought to guide every church and every Christian. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are equally and in every part the Word of God, without any error, a sufficient and final revelation of all saving knowledge, faith and obedience. They must be received as the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. No other writings should be accepted as Word of God or as having any such authority.
 The Bible alone teaches all that is necessary for our salvation from sin and is the standard by which all Christian behavior must be measured. We deny that any creed, council or individual may bind a Christian's conscience, that the Holy Spirit speaks independently of or contrary to what is set forth in the Bible, or that personal spiritual experience can ever be a vehicle of revelation.
Scripture alone is the inerrant rule of the church's life, but the evangelical church today has separated Scripture from its authoritative function. In practice, the church is guided, far too often, by the culture or by emotion with the advent of Charismatic movement, commonly called the Word of Faith or health and wealth gospel or prosperity gospel. Many purport to be prophets as if more divine revelation is being given or as if the Scripture is not sufficient and final. Miracles have the biggest role to play among many Christians because many follow those who purport to perform miracles even when they don’t! Miracles, even as used by the Lord, were signs to authenticate both the message and person of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God, the Saviour of Sinners. This is why the Lord said that the Scripture cannot be broken, that it is infallible!

Pastors have neglected their rightful oversight of worship, including the doctrinal content of the music. As biblical authority has been abandoned in practice, as its truths have faded from Christian consciousness, and as its doctrines have lost their saliency, the church has been increasingly emptied of its integrity, moral authority and direction. The result is ‘worship’ that is sensual and man-centred. Such worship can neither be pleasing nor acceptable to God. Worship has to be both truthful (guided and informed by Scriptures alone) and spiritual, guided and actuated by the Holy Spirit.
Rather than adapting Christian faith to satisfy the felt needs of consumers, we must proclaim the law as the only measure of true righteousness and the gospel as the only announcement of saving truth. Biblical truth is indispensable to the church's understanding, nurture and discipline.
Scripture must take us beyond our perceived (physical) needs to our real needs (spiritual) and liberate us from seeing ourselves through the seductive images, cliche's, promises and priorities of mass culture. It is only in the light of God's truth that we understand ourselves aright and see God's provision for our need. The Bible, therefore, must be taught and preached in the church. Sermons must be expositions of the Bible and its teachings, not expressions of the preachers’ opinions or the ideas of the age; it must neither be drama nor miracles, but the Word of God that is able to make people wise for salvation. We must settle for nothing less than what God has given us.

The work of the Holy Spirit in personal experience cannot be disengaged from Scripture. The Spirit does not speak in ways that are independent of Scripture, for He is the One who inspired their writing (2Peter 1:21). Apart from Scripture we would never have known of God's grace in Christ. The Spirit illuminates Scriptures so that we are able to understand and believe it. The Spirit was given to lead us into all truth by teaching and reminding as the Lord told His disciples.  The biblical Word, rather than spiritual experience, is the test of truth. Scripture alone is the rule of faith and practice for Christians.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Calvinist:

Acknowledges the Sovereignty of God;
Groans at the Depravity of Man.
Humbly submits to God's will and providences.
Sincerely worships the Infinitely Holy God.
Marvels at the holiness of the Triune God.
Earnestly prays to the ALL-WISE, ALL-KNOWING GOD.

Rejoices at the Free, Unmerited, Unheeded and Unsought Salvation offered to sinners graciously by God. His delight is in the merit of the atoning Sacrifice of Christ on the accursed cross.

Gratefully adores the Father who elected for His own a people from every nation, every tribe, every language and peoples and calls them His own. Praises the Lord For His SON who in the fullness of time took on the human nature as He was born of a virgin Mary, in order that He might Redeem sinners from their sins.

Glorifies the Lord God for sending the Holy Spirit who inspired the writing of Scriptures and so brought divine revelation to undeserving people and more than anything else, The Spirit regenerates these sinners and causes them to be born again to a living hope in Christ. The Spirit is our COMFORTER and ADVOCATE and SEAL guaranteeing our inheritance. He is the SPIRIT of adoption by which we cry out ABBA FATHER!

Watch this space as more is coming to explain who a CALVINIST is