Thursday, June 13, 2013

What are the modern trends and deviations witnessed in the church?

The situation right now in the church is appalling. Many churches are men-centred instead of being Christocentric. They pursue the pleasure of men rather than the glory of God. Their leaders are preoccupied with meeting people’s felt needs such as health and wealth, deviating from the task of the church. On the other hand many Christians go to churches where they will hear music that will make them to feel ‘good.’ Hear preachers who will address their concerns, so that in effect they gather for themselves preachers who will tell them what they want to hear. Many have itching ears, but only few would admit it!

The following are characteristic of many churches:
A.     Lack of truth
1.      They do not preach the whole Bible (preaches only a few verses here and there)
2.      Unbiblical leadership (Bible is not applied when appointing leaders)
3.      Unbiblical membership (all who attend are members!)
4.      Over-emphasis on money and material prosperity instead Christ
5.      Devoting most of the church’s time to singing and physical healing
B.     Lack of godliness
No genuine interest in the means of grace like:
1.      Genuine desire for the knowledge of God in His Word
2.      Sincere & biblical prayer (esp. public prayer)
3.      Fellowship of Christians
4.      Right administration of baptism and the Lord’s Supper
5.      Lack of correct application of church discipline

v  Conclusion

Not every assembly that has a signboard by its gates reading ‘…. Church’ is a true church of God. The Bible says that there are those, although they look like churches are synagogues of Satan (Revelation 2:9)! Engage in a church that is committed to Christ and his Word.

Therefore, find out how biblical is your church today. What are the priorities – is the worship offered according to the Word of God or is it based upon pleasing men? Is your church gospel-centred and mission oriented? What are the distinguishing marks of your church? Is Christ central in preaching, music, and lifestyle of the people?

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