Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Men's Dishonor

Mens' Dishonor

Passage Romans 1:24-25


Honorable Father, to whom all honor and glory is due, how sad that some would choose to dishonor themselves rather than to honor you.
When they do so, you give them up to their own dishonorable passions. Women exchange natural relationships for unnatural. The men likewise give up natural relations with women and are consumed with lust for each other. Men commit shameless acts with other men and receive in their own persons the due penalty of their error.
Today, Lord, it seems to be getting worse. Men and women exalt their own selves to godhood while practicing blatant homosexuality. Instead of repenting, they demand the right to impugn you, and they will not admit that they are responsible for the diseases you have put upon them.
May I always acknowledge that you are the creator of life and love and that only when I act in accordance with your design will I find satisfaction.In Christ's name.

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