Monday, March 28, 2011

Siaya Ministry

Dear Brethren,

The Lord has been with me and has graciously continued to deal with me. I had the opportunity to minister in the church in a small town called Siaya in the Western part of Kenya.
I preached to about 20 people from Luke 18:9-14 asking the question;
Generally this is not something many people are concerned about here for they think that as long as they are faithful in attending the church services and give their money and are involved in religious activities like prayer, all is well - God will not only acquit them of any of their sins. There is alot about fasting in this town as they even have a small hill where they go to fast and pray some for days!
You can see the relevance of my sermon from the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector. I pointed out how sinful man is and how he is blind to sin from the things said by the Pharisee. I pointed out how many easily depend on their own righteousness and even dare to present it before God, even condemning others!!
I also pointed out the way of the humble publican, who would not dare even look up to heaven for he had been a dispointment to God, sinning again and again. Yet acknowledging his terrble sinfulness and asking God to help. His high regard for God as a merciful God, and graciously powerful enough to be willing to listen to his prayers and forgive him his sins.
I also pointed out to the way God forgives graciously whoever goes to Him and that Christ will never cast out he who goes to Him (John 6:37). I pointed that God has done all needed by providing us with Christ His beloved Son to come on earth, take our human nature, and bear the brunt of His holy wrath by His atoning death on the cross. That He has even given us His Spirit to make those He foreknew respond to this wonderful call to come to Christ.

Therefore I pointed out to them that all those who have beleved in Christ, those who have repented their sins before Him, those who have put their trust in Christ have been justified - been declared righteous and therefore guiltless by God Himself. As a result they have peace with Him; they are no longer His enemies (Rom.5:1, 2. They have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ (Ephe. 1:3)
What a joy for us who are saved!
Those who have not believed Christ are still welcome to come. I urged them to come to Christ who is still calling them to come (Matt. 11:28)
Afterwards we had a time of fellowship (I will get their photo - its in the camera now and didn't carry the cable)
They have an incomplete building and direly need doors and windows, and flooring

Today I will be visiting two more pastors before travelling back over 500 miles back to NAirobi.
Keep me in prayers as I have alot to do apart from ministry.

Right now I am waiting for something to be done for me in a bank. Bye



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